3 EASY braided earrings! | Earrings DIY | SIMPLE DIY


As so many of you guys requested another DIY earrings tutorial, I just couldn’t resist and had to make one! These DIY earrings are really easy and affordable and you can customise them to your liking, by using different colour beads, wires, make them into different sizes etc. They are really cool and I love them! 😊I really hope you’ll try to make these easy DIY earrings and please let me know if you do!

Materials and tools used:
20 gauge(0.8mm) non tarnish, silver plated copper wire (I order mine from Palmers Metals)
20 gauge non tarnish, gold plated copper wire (from Palmers Metals)
Tiny pink and green glass beads
Wire cutters, chain nose pliers
Round objects to shape the earrings(I used nail varnish bottle and a Small glass for the gold DIY earrings)
Tape measure or a ruler
Nail file or sand paper

If you’d like to see how I make my earring post backs, please check out my other diy earrings tutorial here:


And like I said my beautiful friends, remember to dream ⭐️ Dreams are the beginning of your own journey and you can absolutely achieve anything you dream of! 🌞
Love you and I’m sending good vibes to wherever you are right now! 💕💕💕



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