DIY Earrings Watermelon


Bright summer DIY Earrings by hands from the hot glue and color nail polish. To make these earrings by hands you need to find apropriate size round shape hole mold.
So to make these earrings watermelon is too easy actually. Firstly we make basis for watermelon slices from the hot glue. And after that just paint the watermelon with color nail polish. Dry them good and add hooks.
I would like to think that you like my diy idea of making the earrings by hands. I saw really often the watermelon earrings in the internet so i wanted to make the same earrings but without spending money.
So that is why i made them from the hot glue. I belive that these earrings are perfect for summer! And i hope a lot of you have the hot glue at home to make the earrings with their own hands.
If to be honest these earrings are the third wich i did. And the first and the second tryings where not success)))

To make the watermelon earrings at home you need:
– the hot glue+glue gun
– the nail polish (pink or red, white and green; and glassy)
– the black nail polish or marker or paper+black pen (to make the bones)
– the hooks for the earings 2 pcs
– pins 2 pcs

If you want to make such watermelon earrings i advice you to patient. Becouse it is important to let all the nail polish layers get dry good. So it takes some time. Just wait it.
After the earring would be ready keep away them for 24 hours to get dry well. In the end of your actions you get cool summer earrings wich you never see on the another person))
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