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DIY Crafts Ideas! How to make a DIY Circle Bag/Purse made out of fabric.This DIY crafts idea is an easy sewing project tutorial for beginners, plus I included the DIY Bag Pattern with all the dimensions so it’s easier for you to cut out all the bag/purse pieces. For this sewing project you will need: 1 yard of fabric, a sewing machine, a 7 inch zipper, 2 d-rings, a 5 inch chain and tools like pliers and scissors.

The first step is to download the DIY Circle Fabric Bag/Purse Pattern and cut out the pieces. Then cut out 2 pieces of 10in x 3in and place them on both sides of a 7-inch zipper sewing both sides.

For the second step of making this DIY Circle Fabric Bag/Purse you need 2 pieces of fabric that are 2in x 3in and two d-rings. Fold the edges of the fabric and sew around. Then place the d-ring at the center of the fabric and fold it. Repeat with the other piece and place them on both sides of the zipper.

In step 3 of this DIY Bag Tutorial, grab your Base B piece and place it with the wrong side facing down on top of the zipper and sew the sides.

On step 4 you need to cut out two circles that are 30cm in diameter and place one with the wrong side facing down on top of the fabric, place a couple of clips and sew around. Repeat the same steps with the other circle, making sure you open the zipper, so you can flip it inside out.

The last step is to make the bag strap and you will need fabric that is 30in x 3in, two 5-inch chains and 2 d-rings. Fold the fabric one on top of the other and sew around. Then using some pliers join the d-ring with the chain. Finally, join the chain to the d-ring on the DIY Bag and you are done! I hope you enjoy this easy DIY Crafts Idea!


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