DIY skater/circle skirt in 3 steps! (No zipper/no elastic band)


Hi guys!!
Today I’m goin to show you how to make this beautiful skirt. As you see in the video is actually reall simple. Some important things:

– Use a fabric that is a little bit stretchy and to sew the waistband use an elastc thread. This way you won’t have to use a zipper and the proccess will be easier.
– Always cut less, try it on, and cut more if you need. You know if you cut more than you need, there no turning back.
– In the two diagrams I show you in the video you can see what each line stands for and below that the measurement I actually use.
– There is more than one way to make DIYs, this is just the way I came up with πŸ™‚

The top I wear is from Bershka.
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